UPDATE: A crash was the result of a high-speed police chase Thursday evening that started in Chattanooga and crossed into Georgia.

Chattanooga police spotted the vehicle believed to be connected to several armed robberies.

And in a matter of seconds, Roger Goins' truck put an end to that chase.

"They were coming at us out of the battlefield and went through the parking lot at the Food Lion and circled back around and come out right over here and tried to make a turn where we were sitting at the red light. He swung out pretty wide, and he hit us. Hit us in the front end here and that stopped him,” Goins said.

When they saw the car headed from them, it seemed like time had stopped.

"We kind of tensed up and held on because we knew we was going to get hit. But there wasn't anything we could do about it. There was a car behind us, we couldn't back up. So we were just caught,” Goins said.

After the crash, one of the suspects surrendered immediately. 

The other ran away.

He was later caught in Catoosa County hiding behind a building.

More than seven agencies responded.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson credits a team effort.

"My hat is off to the men and to the people that were watching and giving us tips all through this as it was unfolding and we were able to get them very quickly,” Wilson said.

Sheriff Wilson says if they hadn't hit the truck, the chase could have gone longer and we would be telling a different story.

Chattanooga police say the two men will face serious charges.

PREVIOUS STORY: A chase that started in Chattanooga ended following a suspect search in Walker County.

The Walker County Sheriff's Office said dispatch was alerted about a pursuit that was coming into Georgia from Rossville Boulevard and Chickamauga Avenue Thursday.

The vehicle pursuit ended when the suspects crashed into a truck at a traffic light. The driver of the truck was not injured.

One of the male suspects stayed in the vehicle and surrendered to police, but the other jumped out and ran across a field, into the woods and crossed into Catoosa County.

That suspect was later taken into custody in Catoosa County when deputies from Walker County and Catoosa County and a Georgia State Patrol trooper found him in an outbuilding behind a home.

Sheriff Wilson said the suspect did not put up a fight and was taken into custody.

Police are now searching for a possible firearm that was discarded by the suspect who fled.

Multiple agencies were involved in the pursuit and search.

The Walker County Sheriff added that the pursuit began in Chattanooga when an officer saw a vehicle and people inside it who matched the description of armed robbery suspects.

Channel 3 will keep you updated as we learn more about the charges the suspects face.

PREVIOUS STORY: A search is underway in North Georgia for a person who fled on foot from a vehicle.

An eyewitness told Channel 3 that she saw car parts all over the road near the Chickamauga Battlefield.

Chattanooga police told Channel 3 there were possible suspects from an open investigation in the vehicle, and a search is underway for the person who fled.

Channel 3 has a crew en route. We will keep you updated.