President Trump approved flood relief funds for several areas in Tennessee.

Hamilton County is among the 56 counties set to receive help.

Channel caught up with some of the homeowners on Hunter Road who were most impacted by the flooding.

Channel 3 met Danny Mahaffey a week after a large amount of rain fell across the Tennessee Valley.

During that time he expressed his concerns to his elected officials but didn't know what to expect.

“Man, it's just frustrating when they don't tell us anything,”  Mahaffey said.

That frustration Mahaffey shared with eight other people dealing with water damage to their home.

While waiting, Christway Church stopped by to lend a hand with 33 volunteers.

They helped clean out the home in order to prevent mold, but still, more work needs to be done.

“We need our insulation put back up underneath the house,” Mahaffey said.

Mahaffey and his neighbors have attended community meetings, called local officials and even tried to pump the water out themselves.

He said he still wants definite answers.

“Hamilton County's problem is Hamilton County says TEMA says FEMA,” Mahaffey added. “So it's just been a circle.”

Local leaders collected an estimate of how much the damage would cost.

They sent the total to Tennessee Governor Bill Lee.

Nearly two months later, President Donald Trump approved the state disaster declaration.

Amy Maxwell with Hamilton County Emergency Management Services says funds have been approved.

TDOT will be the first ones to see the money for infrastructures, like roads and bridges. For now, the county says they’ve done all they can.

“Provide them with immediate emergency assistance,” Maxwell said, “so that they can stay in the shelters and provide them with cleaning equipment.”

Right now, officials don't know when funds will be available for the roads or if the homeowners will receive any help.