The duo we seek this week shared their ill-gotten gains. Late last month, they lifted a bank card from a vehicle.

"I see more targets for trying to steal your identity than I do, actually, your property these days," Chattanooga Police Investigator Brad Brown said.

They may steal in secret, but eventually, the bad guys have to come into the light to use the cards they've taken. That is when we can get them. We catch up with one suspect at Speedway.

"It was one male using the card to get a couple purchases," Inv. Brown explained.

He filled the tank on what looks to be a late-90's model Ford Explorer, then kept pumping.

"He actually has a separate car that pulls up and get gas after he filled his car up with gas using the stolen card," Brown said.

Later, pictures and videos from Walmart show the card changed hands.

"We have one female using it in the transaction," Brown pointed out. "We get another female behind her that's using the same card and they both walked out with a buggy full of groceries; over $500 worth of groceries."

The investigator added, they were using the same Ford Explorer and, that they are all in serious trouble.

"The auto burglary in itself is a felony," he said, "and each transaction is identity theft which is a felony; fraudulent use of the credit card."

A Crime Stoppers reward is waiting if you can help I.D. these people and you may solve more than just this crime.

"In my experience," Brown remarked, "I've never seen anyone just break into a vehicle and stop. They usually break into several over an amount of time."

Remember: 'Lock it'...your vehicle. 'Hide it'...your valuables. 'Hold it'...just take it with you.

"Leaving valuables inside the car and anything that someone can use to steal your identification like a drivers license, checks, credit cards, debit cards, are better to be taken in with you," advised Brown. "Even if you go shopping, put it in your purse and take it with you because that's what's targeted by a lot of thieves."

If you know these people or anything about this crime, share your information. Earn your reward. They will never know you got involved.

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