Advocates say time is running out for birds, fish and other animals at East Lake Park where crews recently started renovations.

Peering over the barrier at East Lake Park, Susan Perruso and her husband try to count as many ducks as they can see.

"If they were going to fly away, they would have already done it when all this began. They don't know where to go because they're tamed birds," she said.

They counted five Wednesday. Normally, there are about a dozen.

They are worried the park's renovation will kill the ducks, fish and turtles that call this area home and rely on it for food.

"It's a real travesty if we don't humanly relocate them. Not kill them. They can be relocated," she added.

Perruso has a farm and rescues animals for a living and said she can do the job for free if the city allows.

"We can actually be ready to go in a few moments notice. We have kayaks that help us; we have flat bottom boats. We have our own techniques. We can do it. We can get it done," she said.

City officials tell Channel 3 they held a meeting Wednesday afternoon to look at permits and discuss what their options are for the animals.