You might find it hard to believe that a drunk driver who was convicted of killing three people even got out of prison, then got more DUI's, but never went back to jail for very long.

That's the story of Danny Lee Ross. Ross has been the subject of many stories since 1993.

Wednesday, there will be a vote in the Tennessee House that would give repeat offenders like Ross more time if they killed someone then get caught driving drunk again.

One of the three people Ross killed was Larry Scheib's daughter Kerry.

"The next thing I know, I'm identifying a body, and it was hers," Larry Scheib said.

She was 15, riding with her boyfriend Blake Tidwell and Blake’s mother Pamela.

Ross did his time, then had half a dozen DUI's after his release.

But in Tennessee, you can't hold a DUI against someone if it happened more than ten years ago even if you killed someone.

House Bill 0167 would do away with that "lookback" loophole.

Scheib hopes people will contact their representatives to ask them to support the bill in order to send a message to people like Danny Ross.

"Maybe if he realizes that they can go back and bring up the three people he killed in 1993, he might think a little different," Larry Scheib told NBC Nashville affiliate News4.

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