Chattanooga will now have a way to punish creators of foul smells.

The Chattanooga City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday night that allows them to levy a $50 fine on any business creating "noxious odors, fumes, dust, vapors, or gases that are offensive."  Offensive being when one-third of a sample of people exposed, believe it to be objectionable in usual places of occupancy.  

The measure aims to curb the smell at two chicken plants.

Councilman Ken Smith of District 3 says, "The city is in no way putting themselves in a position to force anybody out of business. We're putting ourselves in a position to say, 'we want you to do what you're supposed to do. Let's all be good neighbors, but that starts with abiding by our permits and doing everything you're absolutely required to do to keep the odor down.'"

Smith added the primary enforcement agency is the Air Pollution Control Board, which can enforce more significant fines or penalties if necessary.