A former Chattanooga car salesman at the center of a kidnapping case refused to turn himself in to police, according to federal court documents.

Daniel Bryant is accused of kidnapping a disabled man and forcing him to withdraw thousands of dollars several banks.

The FBI began looking into Bryant on April 4. That's the same day the victim filed a police report. They say Bryant was in contact with police over the phone but told them his attorney would contact them at a later date.

Court documents show five days later, the FBI tracked two cellphones belonging to Bryant and located him in the Atlanta area. It goes on to say Bryant drove west down Interstate 20. Another five days went by before Bryant was tracked in Cedar Hill, Texas at a hotel.

Cedar Hill Police confirmed that the FBI contacted them with information Sunday and learned Bryant was in their city. We are told they assisted the FBI in surrounding the hotel he was at. Bryant surrendered without incident.

The hotel name and address has not been released.

It is not clear when Bryant will face a judge and if he will be transferred back to Tennessee. The U.S attorney's office says it will depend on if Bryant's legal team decides to waive his right to a hearing in Texas.