A couple is thanking a stranger for saving them from a house fire.

The quick actions of a woman who isn't normally in the East Brainerd area saved two women and their dogs.

Now they are saying it was fate.

Around one o'clock on Tuesday morning, a woman decided to take a drive because she could not sleep.

On her trip, the driver noticed flames coming from Barbara Rosenblatt’s home.

“She said I've never even been on Jenkins road, and I don't know what made me do that,” said Barbara Rosenblatt.

Rosenblatt says at the time she was sound asleep and had no idea the back portion of her home was burning.

The woman was not sure if anyone was inside the house.

So she started banging on the door.

“Being awakened from a sound sleep it was a little bit difficult to be oriented,” said Rosenblatt. “I smell smoke I saw smoke but the reality was not sinking in.”

Rosenblatt, who is in a wheelchair, her partner, and their dogs got out of the house unharmed.

Shortly after that, firefighters arrived at the home.

The house sustained 150,000 dollars’ worth of damage.

Rosenblatt says Tuesday morning was surreal.

She’s thankful for the woman who made the choice to stop and help.

“They didn't know what the outcome could be, but they get involved because they love that I neighbor,” said Rosenblatt. “It was very refreshing to experience.”

So far, Rosenblatt says her family has received an overwhelming amount of support from neighbors, the Chattanooga community and emergency responders.

“Through it all, they cared about me. They pick me up, and they help me through,” said Rosenblatt.

They are speaking with their insurance company with plans to rebuild.

In the meantime, they are staying with a neighbor who they consider a friend.