Covenant sophomore Nick Fulmer is studying abroad this semester in Paris.

He was one of thousands who saw the flames rise up on the Notre Dame Cathedral.

And while he was taking photos, Fulmer says it felt like he was watching history disappear.

"It's such an incredible place. I can't really describe what it's like seeing the light shining from the stain glassed windows in the middle of the day,” Fulmer said.

Crowds filled the streets of Paris as they watched the Notre Dame Cathedral in flames.

Fulmer watched the people of Paris fall into tears.

He realized how painful this is for the people of France when he witnessed a man's reaction.

"In French, he said "ce n'est pas vrai.' which means 'Oh, it's not true.' He was looking at the church burning saying oh this can't be true. You can hear him fighting back tears,” Fulmer said.

Fulmer got a chance to go inside before Monday’s fire.

A moment he will never forget.

"I think it makes it all the more special that I did get to see it. But it also is very tragic to me that potentially the church could be damaged forever,” Fulmer said.

He says it’s hard to see hope in midst of tragedy, but knows the people of France, and the world, will find a way to move on.

"This is a really tragic event. I think as always, as they have done before, we will get through it and come back strong. We will bounce back,” Fulmer said.

Fulmer returns from Paris next month.

Most of the structure of the cathedral has been saved.

Investigators are ruling out arson as the cause, but will continue to investigate.