From the library to the playground, it is easy to see that nine-year-old Trenton loves taking care of his brother, Teagan.

When the 18-month-old stopped breathing last month, Trenton recognized something was wrong.

“We were just playing cars,” Trenton told Channel 3. “I just picked him up and took him straight into the living room.”

“He was 100 percent unresponsive,” recalled Brandy Forrister.

“He was purple and cold,” she said, remember the moment Trenton screamed for help.

Doctors say Teagan had a seizure. He was airlifted to a Chattanooga hospital, where he was revived.

“My son saved my son,” said Forrister.

Teagan survived because his brother acted quickly.

“I would have never asked him to do it, but seeing as he was put in that position, it let me see that between me, his father, and God, we’ve done something right,” said Forrister. “He’s gone above and beyond what anybody thought he could do.

Deputy Nathan Henderson presented Trenton with a Life Savers Aware in front of the entire Copper Basin Elementary student body. Polk County Sheriff Steve Ross made Trenton a Junior Deputy and gave him $25 to spend at the book fair.

“Working on the road, we've seen a lot of things like that happen, but never a child that young save somebody,” said Henderson.

The third-grader hopes to get another opportunity. He wants to be a police officer.

“I was going to be an astronaut, but I changed my mind,” said Trenton.

“I don't know if I had anything to do with it,” said Deputy Henderson, who serves as a School Resource Officer at Copper Basin Elementary School. “I think he's just got it in him already.”

Teagan is still going through tests to determine what caused his seizure. His family is collecting donations to help with medical bills associated with the helicopter ride it took to get Teagan to the hospital.