Sure, some plants are obviously weeds. But what about this one? Or this one?

It's either ground cover you want or ground cover you want to eradicate.

PictureThis is an iPhone and Android app that tells the difference between something that needs to be fed or pulled.

Just take a photo of the plant with the leaves or bud inside the frame, PictureThis uses artificial intelligence to determine what it is.

It uses your location to better determine what's growing near you and results shared by other users.

An unknown bush started growing in my flower bed last summer. PictureThis shows me it's a dogwood.

What's this blooming plant? PictureThis says its an American Black Cherry.

I'm not so sure, but a closer look into the description and I see it's more common name is a hackberry.

How accurate is it? I took the app to the home and garden center where it correctly identified every plant it saw.

App Store reviewers give it high marks. If there's trouble, a PictureThis community member will help find its name.

It's a nice app If you're always wondering how does your garden grow