Despite the strong storms Sunday, hundreds of people attended the Chattanooga Film Festival throughout the weekend.

Filmmakers from all over the world submitted their projects for the event.

Notre Dame alums Nathaniel Hendricks and Zack Desutter are excited to be back in Chattanooga with their friend, Mohit Jaswal.

But this time, they aren't back for just family and friends, they are here to showcase their film, 'Butt Fantasia,' in order to show the world it just needs to laugh sometimes.

"You just want to make people laugh and escape the world for a few minutes and do something really silly and ridiculous,” Jaswal said.

They all believe the Chattanooga film scene has grown since they were last here.

And the credit not only goes to the film festival, but people in Chattanooga are welcoming the film industry with open arms.

"There's a hungry group of people who want to do it here. And the fact that Chattanooga Theatre Center is still up and running and doing art says there is still a place for it here,” Desutter said.

But they say there is still room for the industry to grow.

It can not only bring a new cultural aspect but also brings more money to businesses.

"I think if people are realizing that film people are coming here from all over for their films and to see films, and if they are seeing the city and seeing its potential and how beautiful it is,” Hendricks said.

"Look, film means business. It is a good thing. It provides incentive, and I think that would bring a lot more. Chattanooga is the most beautiful city in Tennessee. Easily,” Desutter said.

Even though he isn't from Chattanooga, Jaswal says the festival has lived up to its reputation and then some and hopes to see more people fall in love with film and Chattanooga.

"I'm in love with the place. This is my first time in Chattanooga. I love the city and the festival. It has a lot of potential to grow,” Jaswal said.

All three of them say they plan to continue to work hard at their craft and return to Chattanooga for next year’s film festival.