That tickle in your throat? If you have allergies you know what to expect next.

Pollen is in the air and the wind is blowing it around.

I haven't been able to find an app to help you feel better, but I've rounded up a few that may help you keep from getting sick.

My Pollen Forecast gives a quick overview of the air quality where you live and anywhere in the country. Simple to use, and thanks to color coding, easy to see. Information is updated daily and the pollen map shows what it's like outside right now.

It's strength, though, is in the pollen forecast. Find out what's blooming. Oak, Juniper and Maple today.

If you don't know what you're allergic to, this gives you some idea.

If pollen is high or very high one day, you can put off that yard work for when the pollen count is lower. My Pollen Forecast looks ahead 5 days.

My Pollen forecast is only for iPhones. For Android users, there's Allergy Alert by

There's a daily 5-day forecast that includes temperatures and precipitation. It also shows what's causing the most pollen in the air.

There's no map, though.

Did you know WebMD has a separate app especially for Allergies? This app packs a ton of information. Rather than seeing an overview of your area, WebMD Allergy allows you to zoom in to your county. Pollen can be worse next door.

If you don't know exactly what you're allergic to, this app breaks down what's in the air and what's not causing a problem. Low Mold on this day, no dust but tree pollen is high.

WebMD also gives recommendations. When the pollen count is high, it suggests turning on the AC and staying inside.

There's a WebMD allergy app for Android and iPhone allergy sufferers. It'll send a notification if the count gets very high.