A young Polk County boy was honored for saving his little brother's life.

Copper Basin Elementary 3rd-grader Trent Godsey was recognized Friday morning at school by the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

On March 31, Trent was playing with his 18-month-old brother when the toddler became unresponsive and started turning purple, a sheriff's office spokesperson said.

Trent took his brother to his mom who then rushed the toddler to an EMS station to get help.

The little boy was flown to Children's Hospital at Erlanger for treatment, and he has since made a full recovery.

Friday, Polk County Sheriff Steve Ross made Trent a Junior Deputy. He was also given a Life Saver Award and $25 to spend at the book fair.

"Copper Basin Elementary and the Polk County Sherriff's department salute this young Hero for saving his little brother's life. We are so proud of you!" a school spokesperson said.

The school’s principal added that Trent thanked them all but said he is just happy his little brother is still alive.