If you've been on Facebook for very long, you've more than likely been asked to wish a happy birthday to a friend who's died.

You know they've passed away, Facebook does not. No one has their Facebook password, so the account just sits there with 'Happy Birthdays' covering up their timeline.

After years of this, Facebook has improved how it treats the profiles of people who've passed away.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Facebook announced any account that's been memorialized will be excluded from birthday notifications and friend suggestions.

Facebook says it'll also be easier for legacy contacts to control activity on memorialized accounts.

Visitors to the friend's profile will see a tribute section where friends can leave thoughts and memories and a separate timeline tab to revisit what they posted to their account, including photos and videos.

How does an account get memorialized? Family and friends can ask Facebook to memorialize an account for someone who's died. The profile will show "Remembering" just above the name.

If the deceased left a legacy contact, that friend will have control over what happens to their page. This also protects it from being spammed.

To memorialize an account, Facebook requires proof that the person has deceased, either through a link to an online obituary or submitting a death certificate.

You can add a legacy contact by going into settings, security and security and login.

The new tributes section will be appreciated by everyone who'd like to visit a late friend or family member's Facebook profile to see photos and memories they shared before they died.

Now their timeline will be protected from tribute and happy birthday messages. Those will be included in the tribute section.