"I can't even explain it because you have to be around us 24/7. It's just the dorkiest friendship I think we've ever had," Lady Mocs catcher Amanda Beltran said.

"It's as simple as playing with someone that you know like the back of your hand," Lady Mocs first baseman Emma Sturdivant said.

Beltran and Sturdivant are pretty much inseparable. From Crange, CA, to Chattanooga, TN, it's a special bond that all started on the diamond.

"We had the same friend group and friends, but never really hung out. So, in high school, it just brought it all together," Beltran said.

"When we first met, I just thought she was super quiet, super nice, smiley, super fun to play with. But, yeah, I just thought she was really quiet, and once I came to know her, I was like oh, that is not the case, at all," Sturdivant said.

And believe it or not, coming to college together wasn't always the plan. But, some things are just meant to be.

"I remember the day with offered them in my office and Emma's dad cried. He couldn't believe we thought that much of them. We did, and we got them here and the rest is history," Lady Mocs head coach Frank Reed said.

Now the two Lady Mocs seniors are trying to make some history. They're the only class to not bring home a Southern Conference title yet. And while they know in the back of their minds their playing days together are coming to an end, there's still business to take care of, and like their friendship, they're looking to make their legacy last forever.

"I'm not worried at all. The SoCon Tournament is here. We have the home field advantage. So, our fans are going to be here, our families. So, I think it means a lot this year, our senior yet with no ring yet, but I think it's every reason to go all out. So, nothing to lose," Sturdivant said.

"I'm looking forward to that SoCon Tournament. I just want to kick some butt and win the whole thing," Beltran said.