Cities across the country are looking for ways to curb gun violence.   

The Times Free Press held an open forum Wednesday night to discuss gun violence in Chattanooga.  Employees of the paper conducted a study of their own called The Cost of the Crossfire.

John Bush of Chatham County, Georgia says gun violence affects everyone.

"This is a global crisis we are dealing with right now. People are dying everyday foolishly and needlessly over something we can eradicate with knowledge,” Bush said.  

Bush says this is a major issue in Savannah and he doesn't want to see it happen anywhere else.

"The greatest resource in any community is the people. If you are not taking care of the number one resource in the community, you are not taking care of your community,” Bush said.

Bush helped create several programs in Savannah to help stop gun violence.  The city has cut its homicide numbers in half in the past two years from 59 in 2017 to 28 in 2018. He says educating and engaging with kids is the best way to solve this problem.

"And once we get them to take part, they see the light. A lot of these kids won't actually look through the door unless you ask them to take part,” Bush said.

The Chattanooga Police Department reports 24 shootings so far in 2019. Two of them were homicides.

Bush hopes after Wednesday night's community engagement, Chattanoogans will do what they can to protect everyone, especially the children.

"We have to give them that opportunity. We have to open that door for them. They are not our leaders of tomorrow because they are here today. Empower them today so they can take the lead today,” Bush said.