While Chattanooga police spent the morning working to find a driver they say hit a pedestrian in Hixson, a spokesperson with a nearby store told Channel 3 it slowed business down on what would be their busiest day of the week. 

"Today is 'Senior Day'. It's the senior discount day at all our stores," Chattanooga Goodwill Industries CEO Dennis Brice said.

He said his scheduled store visit to the company's largest location in town was a lot more hectic than he imagined, and it wasn't just the morning rush.

"When I pulled in, I found the whole parking lot taped off, and the police were here and obviously something had happened," he recalled.

Chattanooga police were in the middle of trying to figure out who was driving a car that struck a man in the parking lot around 3:15 am.

Investigators later identified the pedestrian, who was pronounced dead at the hospital, as 35-year-old Darllel Brown. The suspect, 26-year-old Charles Jackson, is accused of hitting Brown 'intentionally' after an altercation between the two.

"We're helping cooperating, however, we can apparently whatever happened happened in the middle of the night. So it had us shut down for a while," Brice said.

Goodwill provided CPD with security cam footage from its external cameras. But with a crime scene at the store's front door, he said they had some worries about how business would turn out with Wednesday being one of their biggest discount days.

"Everything we generate goes to support our mission, and so that's why when something like this happens, especially in a store like this, you want to get back up as fast as possible," he explained.

Despite some customers being unable to get inside this morning, they were able to reopen.

"I'm just glad the police were able to do their thing this morning, and we were able to be back open this afternoon," he told Channel 3. 

Brice said the important programs they offer to the community depended on it.

"Employment, training programs, job placement evaluation, HELPs Medical Equipment, our furniture bank which we work with the city on," he went on. 

The Chattanooga Police Department has issued a warrant for Jackson's arrest on a charge of criminal homicide. They're asking anyone with information to call 423-643-5100 or submit an anonymous tip through the department's mobile app.