The Whitfield County Sheriff's Office has arrested five people connected to a rape investigation that happened March 31 in Dalton. 

Just before 3:00 Sunday afternoon, deputies were called to Downing Street on a sexual assault.   The victim told the deputy she was visiting Dalton and staying with an acquaintance named, Amy Walden. 

The affidavit shows that around midnight the victim and Walden went to a trailer on Richardson Drive.  There were several other people at the trailer.  While there two unidentified men raped her after being told to do so by Walden and another man.  

The two unidentified men claimed to have an association with the Mexican mob and that the victim had a hit on her for being an informant for the federal government. 

The victim also says during this time her car and phone were stolen. 

Below are the suspects and their charges:

Marlow Bradford Burk (Marty Burk) - Terroristic Threats and Acts, Theft by Taking, Larceny, Theft of Auto, False Imprisonment, and Parole Violation. 

Richard Lawrence Forrest - Rape, Terroristic Threats and Acts, False Imprisonment, and Parole Violation

Lindsey Lowe - False Imprisonment

Amy Louise Marie Jones (Amy Walden), - Terroristic Threats and Acts, False Imprisonment, Theft by Taking, Larceny, Theft of Auto 

Richard Marvin Smith -  Rape, Agg. Sexual Battery, False Imprisonment, Possession and Use of Drugs, and Possession of Meth