The Chattanooga City Council approved a resolution to conduct a study on whether or not they need a new skate park or make improvements to the current park. The cost of the study will exceed no more than $73,000.

Mason Penn has been skating at the park off of Reggie White Boulevard for the past three years. He's noticed the park could use some repairs. Like building new handrails and adding some new features, but Penn has an idea of what is really needed.

"This park is just really old. It's been here...I think since the '90s, it's time for a new one. Because we need different obstacles...anything like that,” Penn said.

Councilman Ken Smith says it's worth the investment if it means improving the city's parks.

"To some of our citizens, it's a skate park. It's a place to go and engage in activities. It may not be everyone's activity, but that doesn't mean it isn't a park,” Smith said.

And skateboarders aren't the only ones who think the park needs improvement.  Chris Moreland with the Chattanooga Roller Hockey League says building a new facility would help them play year round.  But any kind of upgrade will be appreciated by everyone.

"This park and every park in the creates an amazing opportunity for people to get outside and get active,” Moreland said.

The city is partnering with the consulting company VDZ+A out of Minnesota, who specializes in landscaping architecture and urban design.

Council member Smith says the study will start soon.