A Soddy-Daisy woman faces multiple charges from an incident that happened on Saturday night.

Soddy-Daisy Police was called to a trailer on Hixson Pike because Kayla Hood, 25, was throwing items and attempting to fight with her mother. 

When the arrived they found Hood in the yard yelling profanities and throwing her mother's property in the yard.

While trying to arrest Hood, she pulled away and began resisting.

Kayla's mother told the officer that Hood hit the trailer several times creating several dents. Hood faces charges of Vandalism. 

During transport to the jail, Hood began beating her head against the patrol car window.  When the officer tried to restrain her, she attempted to head butt the officer.  She then threatened to kill the officer's children, repeating "your kids are dead."

When booking Hood, she began banging her head on against the wall creating a dent in the sheetrock. 

Again repeating her threat to the officer's children.

She is charged with Retaliation for Past Action, Resisting Arrest, Assault on Police, Disorderly Conduct, Vandalism, and Destruction of Government Property. 

Her bond is set at $57,500. Hood is due in court on April 16, 2019.