If you’re married, you have them.  Little differences with your spouse.  Insignificant things about which you differ that sometimes you can laugh off, and other times it can really create a wedge in your marriage.  I asked for your 3 cents on Facebook concerning things you and your spouse differ on, and, boy did you respond.  See if you relate to any of these:

(ANGIE) “27 years today and we still argue over whose path gets us to a destination faster! Usually, I am right unless I’m not and then I am just lost”

(HEATHER) “Empty hangers! I want them all in the middle of the closet. He just reaches in, grabs a shirt and leaves hangers all in between the clothes! Lol!”

(KELSEY) “Why my husband vacuums so much”

(KIMBERLY) “He has to have EVERY light in the entire house on, even in the middle of the day, in the brightest sunlight. WHY? He doesn't close anything. If he opens a drawer, door, cabinet, etc., he walks off and leaves it open.  I was taught to turn off lights when I leave the room, and always close what I had opened.”

(LEXI) “Not putting the silverware in the right slots.  Not folding the towels neatly. I have a bad habit of piling the clean clothes on the bed instead of folding them immediately

(LINDA) “Oh my goodness.. he scrapes and beats on his cereal bowl .. I can’t stand it !!  It’s worse than a chalkboard. I mean drink the last of the milk from the bowl .. just stop tapping !!

(MEGAN) “I don't have a spouse, but I feel VERY passionate about hanging the toilet paper OVER on the roll instead of under.”

(TODD) “I am really big on squeezing toothpaste from the bottom and she does not and she worked in the dental field for years”

(TONY) “This sounds crazy after 35 years of marriage, but when she eats, she finishes all of one item on her plate before she goes to the next item of food. It is really none of my business because it is her food, but it drives me nuts.

So here is my 3 Cents based on an article about these kinds of differences.  The article suggests 3 major things.

  1. Write down your list of resentments and then burn it. Focusing directly on what bothers you rarely changes anything.
  2. Make a list of all those things that you appreciate about your spouse and begin to share them with your spouse.
  3. Ask yourself what you can do to show your spouse that you love them. Write them down and then start implementing them.

That’s my 3 cents.  Hey. If you have a rant or something positive you want to rave about I want to know!  Give me a call at 423-643-9722 and give me your 3 cents.