Located in Moccasin Bend National Archeological District, the Blue Blazes Trail is a two mile loop trail that goes through the forests and swamps near the southern end of Moccasin Bend in Chattanooga. When the interstate was constructed in the mid 20th Century, developers widened the Tennessee River by dredging off part of Moccasin Bend's shoreline. As the shoreline was dredged, it was pumped into the interior of the bend, creating a series of bogs and swampy areas contained by man-made dikes.

The Blue Blazes Trail follows these levies, taking visitors along ancient shorelines and through quiet forest. There is an abundance of wildlife, along with natural and cultural resources. Midway through the loop, the trail offers a nice overlook of the Tennessee River.

Right now, a springtime oddity is taking place in the wetlands of the wilderness. The pond appears to be pink.

The National Parks Department, who is ultimately in charge of this area, isn't exactly sure what's causing this oddity. They did provide us with THIS document which explains several possibilities of what could be causing the pink color.

The growing number of pictures online show the increased interest in the wetland wonder. But of course, it is advised to take pictures from a respectful distance to ensure your safety and to ensure the enjoyment of others.