Following a trip to the US-Mexico border with President Trump, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann says he saw evidence of a border crisis first hand.

"The system is over run. It's a crisis with a capital 'C'," he told Channel 3.

After his trip to Calexico accompanying the President, Fleischmann who represents Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District, says one thing was clear.

"Border Patrol folks over the last two to three weeks literally are pleading with us for help," he said.

He says additional resources and a wall are both needed at the southern border.

"It's staggering, they've got to get interpreters there. Unless we stop the illegal flow and fix our broken immigration system, just pouring resources into it will not be enough," the Congressman said.

Fleischmann says according to border patrol, more than 4,000 people enter the country illegally every day.

"So they predict from January 1st to December 31st, if we don't do something an additional million plus people will enter the country illegaly," he continued.

Though Fleischmann says he didn't see anyone attempting to do so on this trip, he's says he's more concerned now than ever.

"When they release these people, we have a gang problem in many of the cities," he explained.

Fleischmann says of the million estimated immigrants, he is unclear on how many may be terrorists or gang members.

"We've apprehended several but what we don't know sadly is with the people pouring over the borders like they are, how many people have gotten in that we've not apprehended," he told Channel 3.

Despite concern that tightening up border security will negatively impact the US Economy and agriculture industry, he believes the cost for people coming into the US illegally would be even greater.

"Just think of the sheer cost to the American tax payer to process these people, to go through the legal process with judges and legal teams, the medical costs. Many of these people are afflicted with diseases and injuries," he went on.

Fleischmann says even though House Democrats have taken the matter of funding the $8.1 billion wall to court, President Trump is pretty confident he will get the funding.