A local veteran was honored at Walt Disney World Wednesday.

Gene Price, a life-long resident of Polk County, served in the Navy during the Vietnam War, his daughter, Jada Price Loftin told Channel 3.

Loftin said they took Price to the Magic Kingdom for his 73 birthday.

While they were there, he was selected to be the 'Honorary Armed Forces Member of the Day' during the Magic Kingdom's Flag Retreat where the flag is retired for the night.

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"We took dad to Disney for his 73rd birthday and he was randomly selected to be the honored veteran and carried the flag down Main Street," Loftin said.

Jada Price Loftin

Loftin added that Price's grandchildren also had the honor of leading the pledge.

"Disney let the boys be a part of the program with my father (their grandfather) was picked," she explained.

Loftin said one part of the ceremony, in particular, really moved her.

"The ceremony was impressive, but when they walked him down Main Street and went to the side street, all the cast members honored him with a certificate and a special round of applause. It was extremely touching."

Walt Disney World said the ceremony is a tribute to those who have served our country.

"The ceremony is a tribute—a thank you to veterans for their service, sacrifice and dedication to protecting our country," a Walt Disney World spokesperson explained.