UPDATE: A Chattanooga Police Officer is now at the center of not one, but two separate civil suits. This is according to Attorney Robin Flores who filed both complaints.

The most recent lawsuit filed on Tuesday claims resident Nate Carter was wrongfully arrested after Officer Cody Thomas knowingly pursued the wrong man in April of 2018.

"You have a case of a police officer come out to the scene and misidentify somebody, who didn't like the way that citizen talked to him--didn't like it and got angry," Flores told Channel 3.

"I was checking my mailbox. What are you putting me on the ground for?" Carter screamed as Thomas attempted to put him in handcuffs.

Body cam video shows Officer Thomas, who joined the department in December of 2016, on top of Carter after he refused to give information related to a man police were trying to track down. He eventually used a stun gun on Carter.

"I don't have have to listen to you!" Carter told the officer.

"No get your a** over here. You're now a part of this. Come here right now. I'll shoot your f***ing dog," Thomas responded.

"Shoot my dogs? You can't come in my yard!" Carter shouted back.

Following the arrest, Carter was released and cleared of any charges.

Flores said the video shows the officer tampering with his body camera, which is a violation of department policy.

"We claim in the complaint it looks like he was either trying to cover over the camera or turn it of," he explained.

The CPD policy on digital recording systems states: "No employee shall make any attempt to bypass or override equipment, erase, delete or alter a recording."

Now a second suit filed by Flores on behalf of Dale and Alinda Edmonds in February of 2019, claims Thomas and four other officers unlawfully searched the Edmonds' home without a warrant after a neighbor called in saying it was a drug house.

"The officers came in unannounced into the house, guns drawn, one of them being Mr. Thomas. They came into the home and forced him outside," Flores said.

The complaint states Edmonds, who was shot at the home on South Seminole Drive a few days prior, was forced to raise his injured arm when faced with officers pointing their weapons at him.

"Just raising his arm up even slightly caused him great pain. Eventually, the officers realize that it was a mistake, and they left," Flores told Channel 3.

The suit said after filing a complaint with Internal Affairs, they were told twice the complaint was lost after asking about the case's status.

"They were sandbagged and sandbagged and sandbagged until just before the statute of limitation expired," the attorney added.

According to a CPD Spokesperson, the investigation into that complaint is still active.

The Edmonds are seeking $1.3 million in damages in the suit that names the City of Chattanooga, Thomas, four other CPD officers and an internal affairs employee.

Thomas has retained legal counsel through the Fraternal Order of Police. It's an organization he's been a member of since 2017.

We reached out to his Attorney Janie Varnell for comment but have not heard back as of yet.

The City Attorney's Office declined to comment, but a spokeswoman did tell Channel 3 they've filed an answer to the case with the Eastern District of Tennessee Federal Court.