UPDATE: One-hundred more children will soon have new beds to sleep. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace organized a bed build at Jfest on Saturday.  The goal was to build 50 beds, but volunteers exceeded that goal.  They built more than 100 beds for kids in the Tennessee Valley.  

If you'd like to volunteer, the next build day is June 15, the time and location have not yet been determined. 

You can find more details are on the group's Facebook page.

PREVIOUS STORY: It’s delivery day for Bob Hirschi and his team of volunteers.

“It is awesome to touch lives and make a difference. There are people who don’t believe it’s real,” Hirschi told Channel 3. They’re bringing beds to three children so the kids can get a good night’s sleep.

“We’ve gone into homes where there’s no furniture. None. Parents, children, none of them have beds, and we’ve gone into homes where there’s one bed and the whole family is sleeping in one bed,” said Hirschi.

The volunteers are part of the nonprofit ‘Sleep in Heavenly Peace’ which gives free beds to kids who don’t have them.

“We've also had a lot of requests where people have been given beds, but they have bed bugs, and so the situation didn't get better. It actually got worse because now they have to eradicate bed bugs from their house,” Hirschi who is the Co-President of the Chattanooga-area chapter explained.

The local chapter of ‘Sleep in Heavenly Peace,’ started in Chattanooga earlier this year. The group has given away more than 70 beds in just five weeks. The beds are built by volunteers. They also provide brand new mattresses, linens, comforters and pillows. Those items are tailored to each child’s likes. Volunteers set up everything so the family doesn’t have to.

Angel Meeks’ three daughters are receiving new beds from the nonprofit.

She said her children know what it’s like without a real bed to call their own.

“These beds are a blessing to them. They didn’t want the air mattresses, so this is all working out for them,” Meeks told Channel 3.

Her daughters are 9, 11 and 12. They sleep in a shared bedroom and are getting a new twin bed and a bunk bed.

“They are so excited,” Meeks said.

“It’s pretty. It has owls on it. I really did want a bed. My back was hurting,” her daughter, Ciara Meeks, said.

The girls’ mom said they’ve been wanting beds, but she couldn’t afford them. She doesn’t have to worry about that now thanks to volunteers with big hearts.

“To give them a bed and see the smiles on their faces makes it well worth it,” Hirschi said.

The beds are made for children between the ages of three and 17.

The organization operates on donations.

Volunteers and monetary donations are always needed.

The group will be building beds on Sunday, April 7 from 1:30 until 4:30 p.m. at 2700 Riverside Drive in Chattanooga. Anyone is welcome to help build.

For additional details, you can also visit the Chattanooga group's Facebook page.