In a frightening situation, like finding yourself victim of an armed robbery, comply. That gives you the best chance for a safe result. Also, pay attention to the bad guy; make note of what they are wearing or things that might stand out. This will help once the incident is over and police are called.

"A suspect, if they have a weapon that's visible or they imply a weapon, just do what they ask," Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller explained.

That kept a store clerk and a customer safe during an armed robbery back in February.

"One late night, about 10 o'clock at night," Sgt. Miller continued, "there was a white male that entered a Hispanic store on Rossville Boulevard,"

We get a look at him from store surveillance as he pulls a knife.

"It looks like the suspect knew what he was going to do," said Sgt. Miller. "He was going to enter the store, I don't know that he knew he was going to rob a customer, so he probably that was a convenience."

After quickly getting what he wanted, the bad guy fled. We did not get a look at a vehicle, but it is hoped these pictures will help put a name or location with a face.

"The suspect does try to conceal himself," Miller said, "but, you should know who he is. He's a white male suspect and, as we know, criminals like to talk about their criminal activity. So, I'm sure he's told someone and we're hoping that someone is watching Crime Stoppers."

We have up to a $1,000 reward available. Getting this guy off the streets will make the neighborhood, maybe several of them, safer and he is looking at 'three hots and a cot' for a number of offenses.

"The suspect robbed the customer, that will be one offense," Sgt. Miller said. "And he also he robbed the store, that's a second offense. Just because the suspect uses a knife, it's no different charge; just the same as if you were to use a gun or implied that he had a weapon, all of those of the same offense."

If you know this person or anything about this crime, share your information. Earn your reward. He will never know you got involved.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

Up to $1,000 is available for your tip and we will never ask your name or who you are.