A local trucking company tells Channel 3, the bridge railing collapse is part of a bigger issue in terms of the infrastructure in the country.

Dean Croke, chief insight officer at FreightWaves, says the bridge is in the most important interchange in this region. Croke says it could cause significant delays and potentially impact freight flows on a national basis.

The section is what they refer to as "Freight Alley."

About 15,000 trucks a day come south out of Knoxville and out about 40,000 come north out of Atlanta each day.

Croke says the collapse speaks to a bigger issue involving the nation's infrastructure.

"One of the big issues that we've got going on at the moment is the decaying bridge issue in the United States. About one in three bridges on the interstate system is structurally deficient. So, that means they are in desperate need of repairs,” says Croke.

Croke says the one lane closed at the interchange will deeply affect the traffic flow, especially for freight drivers.

Covenant Transport issued the following statement regarding the collapse:

“This week's partial collapse of the interchange at Interstates 75 and 24 here in Chattanooga is unfortunate, but we're thankful for minimal harm done to passing motorists. The complete or partial blockage of a major Interstate thoroughfare is a significant obstacle for our professional drivers, who rely on America's vast, reliable road infrastructure to do their jobs and keep our economy moving. With thousands of professional drivers calling Covenant Transport Services home, we rely on local roads to move our people and equipment in and out of our corporate headquarters and main Covenant Transport terminal in Lookout Valley. We especially rely on Interstate 75 to service blue chip customers in North Georgia, including those involved in the manufacture of floor covering. Like all Chattanoogans, we hope for a speedy clean-up, and are thankful to the selfless fire, police and department of transportation men and women who ensured the scope of this accident was minimal. In the meantime, we have implemented substantial out-of-route detours for our trucks moving through the area in order to maintain the top-quality service our customers expect,” says Andy Vanzant, senior vice president of operations for Covenant Transport.