Move over WRCB Storm Alert Team!

A local kindergarten class is learning how to forecast.

The students in Mrs. Samantha Eaton’s class are getting a crash course in weather. 

It’s a way to introduce children to science and help them understand why the forecast is so important to them.

Landry LaFevor, 6, is enjoying what she’s learning. Her mom Jenna is thankful for the lesson too.

“I love it because they learn what to do if there is a tornado and what to do to stay safe. She even told me the other day that if a tornado came through and you're outside that you’re supposed to get in a ditch and I said that's awesome that you know all of that stuff. As moms we can't remember every little thing to tell them,” said Jenna LaFevor.

As part of the lesson, students are recorded on camera giving the forecast. The kids are having fun and learning how to communicate during a severe weather event. “We were driving down the road and there was some water across the road and she started screaming turn around, don't drown. Luckily, it was not that bad. We did not have to turn around there but that was our motto for the next few days while it rained,” said Jenna LaFevor.

She says the presentations build confidence for the future.