If a picture paints a thousand words, a GIF says a lot more. The looping video clips, usually with a funny caption, are posted everywhere. From Facebook to Imgr to Twitter to Reditt to text messages and websites, a carefully crafted GIF can say exactly what message you'd like to convey. They're fun, but where do you find them? How do you share them? One of the best ways is through the app, GIPHY.

Every day GIPHY shows trending GIFS that are created by other users or discovered online. It's also searchable and you can save your favorites and share them on Facebook, Twitter, other social networks and in text messages. GIPHY claims to be the largest GIF search engine in the world. The app is also a keyboard. Allowing users to search within a keyboard window for a keyword, phrase, movie, TV show or other categories for just the right GIF.

If you haven't used alternate keyboards before, you'll need to download the keyboard app, go into settings and general. Then "add keyboard.” Keyboards require full access to the keyboard functions which will give some, like Giphy the ability to read what you type, even what you've typed. That can include bank information, passwords and credit card accounts. Keep that in mind before installing a new keyboard with full access.

GIPHY is a free app available in both app stores for Android and iOS devices.