Just when you thought it was safe to put the coats in the closet, BAM! Old Man Winter gets in one more snarky hit offering up freezing temperatures as his warped version of an April Fool’s joke.

I asked for Your 3 Cents on Facebook, and Edward was okay with it, saying, “I’d rather the cool weather over high heat and humidity.”

But even though this winter was relatively mild, most of you are done with it, and ready for the warmth.

Cody said, “Hoping this is one of the last rounds of colder weather.”

Lisa has a real problem.  She said, “I’ve already switched my closet over to sandals and flips… NO GOING BACK!”  You are a brave soul, Lisa.  I love your courage.

And Eric gets creativity points by summoning the soup Nazi from Seinfeld.  “No spring for you! Come back 1 month!”

We even did a poll on Facebook, and it broke about the same with only 1/5 of you appreciating this last gasp of cold. The rest of you would rather curl into a fetal ball and wait a few days when we will be back in the 70s.

While it’s later than we like, it’s not that weird to have a freeze on the first of April. The average date of the last freeze is yesterday, March 31st,  but the latest we have seen 32 degrees was April 25th back in 1974.

Frosts can happen a little later as it doesn’t have to be all the way down to freezing. The average last frost in Chattanooga is April 11th while the latest recorded temperature of 36 degrees (in which frost could form) is all the way into the middle of May.

And that’s my 3 cents. Hey, if you have a rant or something positive you want to rave about I want to know! 

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