People are concerned about their plants dying with temperatures dropping below freezing Sunday night. 

Experts say plants that are newly growing are impacted by the cold weather the most, so they need to be brought inside in order to survive. 

If you can't bring them inside, put blankets or sheets on them to prevent the cold air from affecting them. 

Sandy Sanders with The Barn Nursery said you can also use items like leaves and pine straw to protect them.

"Pile leaves over them, pile pine straw over them, that way you can utilize that after the cold snap goes through," Sanders explained.

Sanders added that there are several things to look for to see if plants have been negatively affected by the cold. Those include looking for plants that look wilted, have brown tips or could use some water. You can also look for leaves that look droopy.

Sanders also suggested waiting to plant until the cold snap goes by.

"You can plant right now, but I wouldn't do it until the cold snap goes by. April 15 is the last frost date, so that's really what we suggest sometimes."

She said just be ready to cover them if you do decide to go ahead and plant.