Two Chattanoogans are still stuck in another country after Wow Airlines shut down, canceling all of their flights.

The announcement happened in the middle of their trip to Copenhagen. Elizabeth Lawrensen and her friends decided to spend their spring break abroad.

They expected the discounted rates, but they were shocked when they had figure out another way home.

A few years ago, Lawrensen and took a flight with Wow airlines to Paris and Iceland.

That's why she felt comfortable booking through them again.

So she and a friend decided to spend the week in Copenhagen.

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“A flight from Atlanta to Baltimore,” said Elizabeth Lawrensen. “Then we took our flight from Wow Airlines from Baltimore to Copenhagen. Wow Airlines is based out of Iceland.”

They were scheduled to return to Chattanooga this Saturday.

While on vacation, they heard the airline stopped operating immediately.

Lawrensen is supposed to be working at Chattanooga Christian School next week.

“I'm a teacher locally, and I'm supposed to be teaching on Monday,” said Lawrensen. “I don't think that's going to happen. We will see,” said Lawrensen.

Lawrensen says she could not get a Wow Airline customer service representative on the phone, but they released a statement online.

She says now she and her friend have to get their credit card company to get a refund for their flight.

“They said they would file it as a fraudulent charge, and we will see what happens,” said Lawrensen.

Lawrensen spent about seven hours trying to book a new flight with other airlines to get home.

She has to spend two additional days in Amsterdam before their flight takes off.

She's still not sure when she'd be back in the Scenic City.

“From Copenhagen to Amsterdam,” said Lawrensen. “Then we got a rescue fare from there to Boston. Now we still have to figure out how we're going to get from Boston to Atlanta. So we can finally get back to Chattanooga.”

Right now, the future of Wow Airlines isn't clear.