The National Weather Service Office in Nashville is hosting free, yes free, weather classes. All you need is a laptop.

This is also the first spring the classes have been offered by the weather service. The courses started in Fall 2018.

Classes such as radar, flash flooding, and observations in 3-D begin next week.

The first class being offered is 'The Radar: Reflectivity, Velocity, and Dual Polarization,' which begins at 7:00PM on Monday.

Channel 3 caught up with Meteorologist Scott Unger with the National Weather Service who puts together these classes. 

"The more information that's available for the public to absorb, that gives them the ability to be able to go out and make important decisions on their own," states Unger.

The classes are an extension of the SKYWARN Storm Spotter Program that's been offered for decades.

Unger says the courses will be easy to understand for those of all ages. Children as young as 7 years old may be able to absorb this info too.

Unger tells Channel 3, the goal hasn't changed.

"Being aware of what's in the forecast, whether or not it's severe, you want to know what's headed your way," adds Unger. 

No prior training is needed before attending the classes, which start at 7:00PM. Plan for a one hour class, with time afterwards for questions. Click here to sign up!

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