Two people are facing a slew of charges following an early Thursday pursuit.

Around 3:30 am, Rhea County detectives saw a vehicle occupied by people they had been told were bringing illegal narcotics from another state into the county, a Rhea County Sheriffs Department spokesperson said. 

Deputies attempted to stop the vehicle on US 27 at Florida Avenue, but the driver took off and led a pursuit.

The chase continued through Dayton and into the Evensville area.

Throughout the pursuit, the suspects threw out several containers that contained meth.

The chase finally came to an end, and deputies found a large amount of meth inside the vehicle, the sheriff's office said. They also found $2,000.

Deputies also went back and retrieved the drugs that were thrown from the vehicle during the pursuit.

Around three pounds of meth ended up being recovered.

The suspects, Denecia Gauldin and Christopher E. Tilley, are each facing drug charges and a tampering with evidence charge. Tilley is also facing charges for evading arrest and prohibited weapons.