Students at North Whitfield Middle School are excited about the Vols' Sweet 16 game.

"All of my 6th students at North Whitfield Middle School are ready for the Vols to take on Purdue!!" Jordan Greene, a teacher at North Whitfield Middle School, told Channel 3.

Greene said they are using the Vols' "One Fly, We All Fly" motto to motivate their students for upcoming state testing.


She even had her students recreate the Vols pregame ritual.

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"Our team had a mini-lesson this morning on 'One Fly, We All Fly'... I love the concept behind Tennessee’s 'One Fly, We All Fly.' What a great way to come together as a team!" Greene added. "What an ever BETTER analogy to use in the classroom with Milestones State Testing coming up."

Greene and her team have put their own twist on the saying to encourage students.

"Every student and teacher has the opportunity each and every day to encourage and push one another to achieving greatness on everyday classroom grades and on the state test!! Greene said. "So we have come up with our own saying, “One Pass, We All Pass!” Working together and encouraging each other, students can accomplish so much more!! let’s all bring home the W!! On and off the court!"

The Vols will take on Purdue Thursday night at 7:29 pm.