Just one day before a childcare provider closes their doors, parents are talking to Channel 3.

Friday, Kandy Kastle Daycare will close for good.

Parents were notified about the closing last week, and now they are scrambling to find another daycare.

Dora Lester has raised multiple generations of children, and through the years she has depended on Kandy Kastle.

“I've had nieces and grandchildren, and I've been with Mr. Mason for over 40 years,” said Dora Lester. “I like it here.”

Right now, Lesters' great-grandson goes to Kandy Kastle.

She drops him off every morning before school, and she says the thought of trusting her grandchild with someone else is challenging.

“Because you don't know the people. I mean people have daycares, but you never know how they're going to treat your children,” said Lester. “Here, they've always been good to my children. Everywhere has some problems.”

Lester says she plans to depend on before school care at East Brainerd Elementary.

However, she's still worried about what her great-grandson will do during the summer.

She says now she has to change her routine to make things work for her family.

“I get off around 4 o'clock, and I work at Walmart,” said Lester. “I live right up the street from East Brainerd Elementary school, I go and pick him up.”

Lester says finding quality child care is hard to do.

When you consider the cost of the other daycare providers, the search becomes even more difficult.

“More expensive than Kandy Kastle because at one time I was struggling, and they worked with me,” said Lester. “They helped me out a whole lot.”

Hope City Church owns the building Kandy Kastle is using.

They posted a statement on the door saying they have applied for a daycare license.

We have reached out to Hope City Church, and we haven't heard anything back yet.