Residents in a Walker County neighborhood are fed up with a mosquito problem in their area, and they believe dozens of tires are to blame.

They told Channel 3 it's a problem they've dealt with since August of last year.

Walker County Code Enforcement has received complaints from at least four homeowners.

One of those homeowners told Channel 3 dozens of tires on the property not only look bad but create a public health hazard by attracting mosquitoes.

"Someone started bringing in tires. Reused or scrap tires, I don't know what they were. But we started seeing hundreds and hundreds of tires being brought in, usually by pickup truck," Elliot Pierce said.

Pierce said it happened over a three month period of time and that's when a problem with mosquitoes started.

"They breed faster and in greater numbers. So that was my main concern because I was worried about my son because we were dousing him in chemicals, and he was still getting bit," he added.

Pierce said he had no luck with code enforcement officials which is why he contacted 3 On Your Side.

"I'd like to see the county come in, get rid of the tires because it's a public health hazard," he said.

Channel 3 took Pierce's concerns to Walker County Public Relations Director Joe Legge.

He couldn't comment due to the active code enforcement case, but he said he understands Pierce's frustration.

"Our code enforcement officers check on that property routinely and are hoping to have some sort of resolution sooner rather than later," he added.

Legge said this isn't an isolated incident in Walker County which is why they offer Tire Amnesty Days to residents.

"It's a day where if you have tires that have been on your property for however long or you've been storing them, and you're a resident and not a business, you can bring them to the landfill free of charge, and then we will recycle them for you," he added.

Tire Amnesty Days are pretty popular.

Last year, they recycled 6,700 tires. In 2017, they recycled 5,500 tires.

The next Walker County Tire Amnesty Day will be held Saturday, April 27, 2019.