UPDATE: Police have charged 30-year-old Travis Garth with aggravated robbery in a shooting and home invasion that ended with one suspect dead.

Chattanooga police were called to the home in the 5000 block of 14th Avenue around 3:45 pm Tuesday.

They found a man lying on the floor suffering from a gunshot wound.

The man, identified as Perry Thomas, was taken to an area hospital where he died.

The victim told police that three males tried to rob him inside his home, and he shot them in self-defense, according to the affidavit.

Police conducted several interviews and determined that the victim was in his home doing laundry when Travis Garth entered the home.

The victim and Garth talked for around 15 minutes before Garth let two other men into the home.

The affidavit explained that one suspect had a knife and Garth retrieved an AK-47 style pistol and told the victim to give him money.

The victim pulled a pistol out from under a couch cushion and shot at the three men, according to police.

One suspect was shot and fell to the floor. Garth and the suspect then got into a fight, while the other suspect fled from the house.

The victim then went to another room and Garth left the home.

According to police, "the victim last saw Travis Garth running away from the house with the AK-47 style pistol in his hands."

The victim was able to identify Garth, and police said evidence at the scene went along with the victim's story. An AK-47 style magazine was also found in the house. Garth was arrested Wednesday.

While police were at the home, they learned one of the suspects, identified as Darious Woods, had shown up at a hospital with a gunshot wound. Woods was taken to jail on warrants from another agency once he was released from the hospital.

The investigation is ongoing. Police ask that anyone who has information about this case call the homicide tip line at 423-643-5100. You can also submit a tip using their mobile app, and you can remain anonymous.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police are still investigating a shooting that happened Tuesday afternoon on 14th Avenue.

Police originally said two people were shot in a reported home invasion. Police later retracted that statement, saying that one person was shot and a second person was injured. Police say they are still trying to figure out how that second person was injured.

The two people in this incident have been taken to a local hospital.

Area resident Catherine Crosswhite tells Channel 3, she heard the gunshots. She says she has lived in the area for 11 years and fears her neighborhood is going down the wrong path.

"Well, I'm afraid they'll start breaking into your house and start shooting,” Crosswhite says. "And that's scary. Just scary."

Crosswhite says the recent string of violent crime in her area isn't coming from her neighbors.

"It's actually a nice neighborhood if we just get the bad people out of here,” Crosswhite says. “Bad people. It's what's causing the problem."

This is the fourth shooting the city has had in the past two days, which has Crosswhite fearing for her safety.

"I just put my faith in the Lord and that the Lord wrap his arms around me and not let nothing happen to me,” says Crosswhite.

CPD initially reported two people were shot, but have changed their statement and now say only one person was shot, and they are still trying to figure out how the other person was injured in the altercation.

Officers at the scene say they plan to work this case in its entirety.

"We are going to exhaust every measure possible in order to investigate a crime,” Captain Jerri Sutton tells Channel 3. “Whether it's civilian-involved or officer-involved, we just want to make sure we do the best that we can and uncover the details and making sure we confirm the facts."

Other neighbors expressed the same concerns to Channel 3 as Crosswhite did. One neighbor says he knew the people inside the home and hopes for the best in a scary situation.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga police say two people have been shot during a reported home invasion on 14th Avenue, Tuesday afternoon.

It happened in the 5000 block around 3:45 p.m.

Police confirm the double shooting and say more information will be released as it becomes available.

No names or conditions have been released.