Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are about to embark on another culinary adventure together, and to celebrate, they're channeling a memorable big-screen couple.

Behold their "Titanic" new promo:

In the clip, Stewart stands in an impossibly picturesque kitchen while the first notes of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" — and a breeze from out of nowhere — set the tone for a romantic moment.

Or maybe just a cooking clip.

But who cares about the particulars when Stewart and Snoop Dogg are channeling star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose? Especially when it's the domestic doyenne who's taking on Leonardo DiCaprio's role and the rapper who's filling in for Kate Winslet.

"How splendid to see you, Mar-" Snoop Dogg says, just as Stewart shushes him and pulls him to the bow of the galley.

Then he closes his eyes and she holds his arms out to his sides for one unmistakable scene.

Yes, it's the "I'm flying!" moment from the 1997 film, except instead simply extending empty hands like Rose, Snoop reaches out with two baskets of French fries.

After a few awkward caresses, Stewart tells him to open his eyes. Suddenly he exclaims, "I'm frying!"

It's a silly but spot-on spoof, and it's the perfect way for the duo to announce that they're setting sail on a series of competitive "Potluck" specials this spring on VH1.

Of course, this isn't the first time these two have channeled an iconic couple for their cooking show.

Back in 2017, the pair put out a promo for the original "Potluck Dinner Party" that parodied the most memorable moment from the movie "Ghost" — with Stewart taking on Demi Moore's Molly, Snoop Dogg doing his best as Patrick Swayze's Sam and one messy chocolate cake standing in for a lump of clay.