Bradley County deputies say a man shot and killed his fiancée's uncle on Sunday morning.

It happened on Bates Pike SE in Cleveland.

At 4:08 a.m., someone inside a home on Bates Pike SE called 911.

Deputies arrived minutes later.

Sheriff Steve Lawson says Matthew Wolfcale was standing in the driveway.

“He was on the ground and said he was the shooter,” Lawson explained.

Deputies found Jesse Johnson's body inside the home.

Wolfcale's fiancée told deputies, she and Wolfcale were arguing. She says Wolfcale assaulted her so she yelled for Johnson. She says Johnson pulled Wolfcale off her and the two started fighting.

“The suspect got his hands on his gun and shot several times,” said Lawson.

It is not clear how many times the gun was fired. But Sheriff Lawson says Wolfcale owns the gun.

According to the incident report, Wolfcale told deputies, “I'm going to get so much time, but it was self-defense.”

“We can only lay out the facts that we see,” said Sheriff Lawson. “They'll investigate and we will try to get the truth.”

Wolfcale is charged second-degree murder.

Sheriff Lawson says this is the first murder case of the year.

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