Dozens of volunteers went around Signal Mountain picking up trash during this year’s Sparkle Day.

It's a day where residents hope to influence others to take out the trash by picking up trash in problem areas.

Kyle Branning, an engineering technician for the Public Works Department, said they will do what they can to keep Signal Mountain litter free.

"If we keep our community clean here, it could impact further down the whole chain. Whatever we can fix here can hopefully help fix the whole system,” Branning said.

Branning said multiple groups went to some of the heavier littered areas like Shackleford Ridge Road, Rainbow Lake and even in the creeks of Green Gorge Park.

Branning said a lot of the trash build up in creeks gets washed down to rivers, and eventually to the ocean.

He said picking up trash should be easy enough, like cans and plastic, but some forms of trash, like tires and even dog leashes caught under rocks, take a little more effort to clean up.

Branning said the recent heavy rains in our area have made clean up more difficult this year, which could have a lasting impact in the area.

"When the rain comes and fills up these creeks, it’s washing all this stuff down in here. And if people don't litter in the first place, it can't get washed down into a creek,” Branning said.

Branning said most people are conscious enough to pick up after themselves, but believes education is the key to stop litter altogether.

"Yeah, education is huge. I mean, letting people know what they can and can't do is probably the most effective way to prevent things like litter,” Branning said.

Public Works officials said they will be thinking of other volunteer opportunities to help clean up litter on the mountain.