A couple whose travels brought them to the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport has filed suit against the airport, two airport employees, and a car rental company located inside the airport.

In the suit, they claim that on April 13, 2018, two Chattanooga Airport officers and an employee with National Car Rental deprived him and his wife of their rights and conducted an illegal search and seizure of their property, and violated their civil and human rights. 

When they arrived at the airport, the man, Adebayo Adeeko, went to pick up a van he had booked online from National Car Rental.

The rental employee refused to rent the van to him and called two Airport officers. 

The two officers took Adebayo's Tennessee driver's license, credit card, and passport claiming they were fake.  The officers are said to have threatened both Adebayo and his wife with jail if they did not hand over their social security cards. While in possession of the couple's credit cards the officers were said to have called the credit institutions asking information such as balances. 

The couple says they and their children were detained for 2 1/2 hours and all this happened in front of everyone. 

They are suing for nearly $1 million in damages. 

A spokesperson for the Chattanooga Metropolitan Aiport released the following statement. 

“It is our policy not to comment on pending legal issues.”

We've also reached out to National Car Rental and have not yet heard back.