On Thursday, new plans were announced about what the Alstom property on Riverfront Parkway could become.

The Urban Story's Ventures group unveiled a draft of the concept to expand downtown Chattanooga.

The 112 acres of land will be a mixed-use redevelopment.

Nearly a year ago, the Alstom manufacturing site sold for 30 million dollars.

Now, new plans are already in the works to create another Chattanooga neighborhood, just to the west of the current downtown area.

Channel 3 drove downtown to ask people what they thought about the new project.

We unloaded our whiteboard, displayed the prospective designs for the property and started asking questions.

The first duo we met Emily Jetton and Gregory Scott, who recently moved to the area from Orlando.

This was their first time hearing of the plans.

“I like it as long as they leave the green space,” said Emily Jetton. “Definitely, green space is important.”

Scott says they moved here because it's not too overdeveloped.

They say one thing they did not like about Orlando was the lack of affordable housing.

They hope the same does not happen here.

“It got to a point where normal people making a normal wage couldn't afford to live in downtown at all,” said Gregory Scott.

Sandi Silvious has lived in Chattanooga for more than 20 years.

We asked her if the new development could affect the current downtown visitors.

“It's new and exciting. However, this is just filled with history,” said Sandi Silvious. “So, that will not be forgotten.”

We rolled our whiteboard a few more feet.

That's when we met Jared and Hemsa Martin.

They are getting ready to move away from Chattanooga to start a family with a better job.

They want to see the area grow, but at a pace it can handle.

“Like he was saying if the economy could handle it with enough jobs coming to the area. I think that's the hardest part,” said Jared and Hemsa Martin.

This development is expected to progress in two phases.

The first is supposed to take four years to complete, and the second should take five years.

New buildings could start going up within the next year.