UPDATE: A man ran over his female passenger with his car while trying to get away from Sequatchie County deputies.

It happened this Friday morning at 7:15 CST on Signal Mountain near Highway 127.

Sheriff Coy Swanger said one of his deputies was patrolling the area.

“He noticed a vehicle come off of Pickett Road that only had one headlight. He attempted to make a routine traffic stop,” Swanger said.

Swanger said Terry McCraw was driving that car and did not stop. Instead, he kept driving toward Anderson Pike. That's when his female passenger jumped out of the car. Swanger says the two knew each other. She was not being held against her will.

“At some point whenever he decided he was going to slow down and try to make Anderson Pike she found her opportunity to get out of the vehicle,” he explained. “She did have some tire marks over one of her legs so at one point in time he did end up running over one of her legs.”

McCraw continued to drive and headed back toward Pickett Road in Sequatchie County. Swanger believes McCraw lives in the area.

“The car stopped and the officer gave foot pursuit and which he caught him; caught him running away in the woods,” Swanger added.

Sheriff Swanger said this is the second time McCraw has been arrested for evading arrest in two months. He tried to run after being caught and had a female passenger with him both times.

McCraw is in custody in Sequatchie County facing six charges, including felony evading arrest.

He could possibly face more in Sequatchie County and Hamilton County. Swanger says McCraw's female passenger will not face any charges.

PREVIOUS STORY: A police pursuit was complicated Friday morning on Signal Mountain when a female passenger jumped out of the vehicle being pursued was struck by that same vehicle.

Sequatchie County Sheriff Swanger tells Channel 3 that chase took place in the 4900 block Taft Highway about 8:00am.

A deputy was attempting to stop the driver, Terry McCraw, for a traffic violation.

The woman jumped out the car and “may have been bumped by McCraw”, Swanger said. He also said she will not be facing charges in Sequatchie.

McCraw is in custody, according to Swanger.