A man hired to make repairs to a Chattanooga area home after a crane fell through the roof has been arrested.

Edward Hines was hired in August 2018 by a homeowner to make the repairs.

The homeowner told police Hines claimed to own a business called H&H Construction, and he paid Hines $15,000 to make repairs.

According to the affidavit, Hines allowed the homeowner to stay in a home while repairs were being made. The homeowner thought Hines owned the residence, but that wasn't the case. The actual owner of the home asked him to leave.

The homeowner added that between August 27, 2018 - October 26, 2018, Hines "did not do much more to the home than move furniture and a few other small repairs," court records said.

Hines was fired by the homeowner, but he continued to call him and approached him in person for more money for the repairs, the affidavit explained.

The homeowner hired people who worked for Hines to continue making repairs.

"[The homeowner] advised that Hines claims [the homeowner] owes him money for the work done by his crew," court records said.

The affidavit explains that the homeowner feels that Hines has acted fraudulently because:

1. H&H Construction does not exist

2. Hines does not have a contractor's license

3. The lease for the home was invalid due to Hines not owning the home

Court records explain that police said they confirmed that Hines did not own the home he was allowing the homeowner to stay in and did not have the right to lease it out. The officer added that Hines told them he hasn't been able to work because he is injured and that he has called the homeowner several times to get the money he says he is owed.

Hines was arrested and charged with deceptive business practices.