UPDATE: Kristen Pollis was indicted last month for Initiate False Report and Aggravated Perjury.

Pollis is due in court on November 1.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga woman is facing charges after police say she lied about being kidnapped and assaulted.

Kristen Pollis told police in January that Michael Wilson Jr. came to her home uninvited and assaulted her, an affidavit explained. She also said he kidnapped her and took her to a home on Mountain Wood Lane where he "continued to assault her by kicking her in the head, dragging her and throwing her up and down the stairs and suffocating her."

Pollis added that Wilson threatened to kill her and used a box cutter to carve an upside-down cross into his chest, court documents said. She said she ran out screaming and pounded on a neighbor's door, but he chased after her, tackled her and took her back to the home.

Pollis told officers "he then continued to assault her, 'body-slammed' her, urinated on her, stripped her naked and slapped her in the face with his [genitals]," the affidavit explained.

Officers smelled urine on Pollis when they spoke with her. Wilson was arrested for kidnapping, aggravated assault domestic and aggravated burglary (occupied habitation).

Investigators continued looking into the situation due to the "heinous nature of the allegations." An investigator spoke with a neighbor who said he was home. He said he did not hear anyone screaming and no one beat on his door, the affidavit explained.

Investigators also found messages between Pollis and Wilson on social media. Court records say that the two talked about consensual sexual urination. The investigator also said Pollis threatened Wilson on social media and that Pollis had invited Wilson over the day of the incident.

Hospital records also showed that Pollis' injuries did not line up with her story, and a photo from the jail showed Wilson did not have an upside down cross carved into his chest, court records said.

"Based on these facts, I believe that Ms. Pollis intentionally fabricated the incident, and initiated a report to law enforcement knowing that the offenses alleged did not occur and knowing that the information given was false," the investigator wrote in the affidavit.

Pollis was taken into custody Wednesday. She was charged with making false reports.

Wilson is still behind bars. It is unclear if any charges he faces will be dropped.

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