Hunter McCrary is a sophomore who runs track at Heritage High School.

He was running at a meet at Calhoun high this past Friday, but his mom, Carly Bell, said the most unexpected thing happened.

"He said Hunter just finished his race, his one mile, and collapsed at the finish line,” Bell said.

His mom wasn't at the meet when this happened.

Trainers on site say Hunter's heart had stopped beating. They had to use a defibrillator to shock his heart and within minutes it was beating again.

"The fast action by the trainer having the AED on site. It shocked him, it shocked his heart back into rhythm, that AED is what saved his life,” Bell said.

Hunter was flown to Erlanger Children’s Hospital.

Doctors say Hunter suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

Bell says Hunter has run tougher races before.

"It's scary. He had a normal day. Got up. I talked to him around 2 o'clock before the race. Told me he was heading to the race on the bus and everything was fine,” Bell said.

Bell says if this isn't a miracle, she doesn't know what is.

"There could have been plenty of things that could have gone differently, but they didn't. And we are just thankful that they worked out the way they did. It makes me sick to think if it had gone differently,” Bell said.

McCrary is still at Erlanger, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Hunter is expected to be out of the hospital Thursday morning. His family says he will sit out the rest of the season.

McCrary says this incident won’t end his running career. He is eager to be cleared by doctors in the near future.