It was a shocking spree and definitely not random. The bad guy, or woman in this case, followed a plan; one that worked. However, through the years, Crime Stoppers has been proven to work, too. The suspect has a style that may stand out in a crowd.

Have a look.

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"In my experience, most individuals who break into cars and find financial gain from it, they usually do not stop until they're caught," said Chattanooga Police Investigator Brad Brown.

You may have seen this suspect featured in the past few days. Officers believe she's responsible for breaking into vehicles at dog parks, hitting several in one day, just last week.

"I put the images on our Facebook page and a lady had commented that her car was broken into in a dog park in Redbank," said Brown. "So, she gave me her case number. I looked it up and noticed there were three others so there was a total of seven on the date of the 13th."

The credit and store cards that had been stolen were used, quickly.

"Almost immediately," Brown agreed. "When they broke into the car in East Brainerd at Heritage Park, the cards were used immediately in that area. When the car was broken into off 153, cards started being used in that area, immediately. So, they were going as quickly as they could to the use the cards."

That could be an indicator that this is her occupation, as it were.

"This is probably common practice for her," Det. Brown explained. "She showed where she stole several credit cards and she used them immediately, it looks like she's had experience knowing that, you know, if you wait and try to go to a location you're more comfortable with, that the cards might be cut off."

In all of the pictures and video, she seen wearing a wrap around her hair.

"I'm not sure if she normally wears that or if that was, like, part of a disguise," Brown said.

The vehicle in which she is seen leaving one of the stores is thought to be a Nissan Rogue SUV.

"I question if she might be from out of town," said Det. Brown. "All the ones that I have, that I'm aware of, being on one date and being within the same time-frame, it could be a 'hit-and-go' from another jurisdiction."

She slipped into the passenger's side of that vehicle, so she likely has an accomplice. If you put all of that or even some of it together, we want to hear from you.

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